About Us: Team

Mag. Johann Mörwald


Johann Mörwald finished his studies of political science and journalism with main focus in marketing in Vienna. His professional career lead him to Hofer KG, where he held all functions from district manager to CEO of Hofer KG Austria including Slovenia, Switzerland, Hungary, and Greece. Member of the coordination council of ALDI SÜD - with main focus on Hofer Group and USA. In this capacity, he significantly improved sales and earnings at ALDI INC: USA (> + 10% pa since 2011), launched an expansion campaign in the US and also laid the groundwork for expansion into California as well as beginning expansion towards Canada.  

Chairman of the managing board of the AG.
Since 2013, managing partner at ecoduna.

Mag. Dr. Silvia Fluch, MSc


Masters in biology from the University of Vienna and Graz. Master of Science in organisational development at the University of Klagenfurt. Doctorate in biology at the University of Vienna, with main focus on molecular biology, gene research, algae and bacteria. Engagement at AIT as researcher and project manager during her studies. After that, team leader and senior scientist of AIT-Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH with management and budget responsibility for her division. Developer of several patents on behalf of AIT.  

Chairman of the managing board of the AG, chief executive officer eparella GmbH

Franz Emminger


Certified engineer for aircraft engineering and expert in the area of processing technology. He worked in quality assurance at Delphi Automotive Systems in Vienna, afterwards development engineer for engine technology and the use of fibre composite materials at Diamond Aircraft as well as avionics engineer at Austrian Airlines. He is a passionate engineer and constantly thriving to optimise processes and shapes. His interest in nature and its processes as well as the sensible utilisation of natural resources have sparked in him the idea for an industrial production of microalgae.  


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